Where I'm Going

Things have been busy these last months. It’s been busy in the way that the the fall months always seem to be–but more than that, I’ve been focused on finalizing my first collection of photographs, Where I’m From.

While the final selection of images was complete in the Summer all the details of the physical book itself and how to get it to you, have kept me occupied right up to writing this. I’m happy to say the book is ready to release into the wild, and I’m pleased to release it.

In the midst of wrapping up this book It occurred to me (somehow) that this would be the time to completely rebuild and redesign my website. This was a much larger project than I allowed myself to believe at the outset but I’m happy I did it and some of the fruits are right here in front of you.

There are a lot of little pieces that will shift and evolve over the coming months as I iterate, and a few bigger things in the works that I'm stoked to share as well. One of the bigger things still to come– hopefully in December–is a store. I’m excited to finally be making some prints of my photographs available for purchase. My hope is that the store will grow to include some of my other work as well but I'll keep you posted as those things emerge. More on that really soon but for now I do hope you enjoy the work and have an opportunity to flip through the book.