Holiday Snow Globe: Year 4

I put the first version of this playlist together on Rdio four years ago. Each of the following years since I've dusted it off and returned it for duty for a few weeks in December. 

For me, there's a lot to love here. At the very heart of it are the musical staples of every Christmas I had growing up – not much can transport me back in time like some of these songs do. Nana Mouskouri might not be everyone's cup of tea (both my brothers claim to hate Nana to this day) but for me it's just not Christmas without dropping ‘Old Toy Trains' on the turntable. 

If you give this a listen on Rdio do make sure you hit the shuffle button--that's how this was made to be played. Shake it like a snow globe! I know not everyone is on Rdio so this year I've assembled a version on Songza as well where anyone can listen for free by just logging into that service. You can listen to that version here. I like what they're doing over there, by the way.

Happy holidays and enjoy the music.