A Year In Music

it's mid-way through January and I think I basically have 2013 sorted, musically anyway. I say that with some reservation since, without a doubt, I'll still be discovering great music from this past year in the years to come. There's really too much to keep up with–even if you were at it full-time you couldn't have a complete grip. That said, I do my best. 

What I present here are four separate lists made up of some of the music that really hit me over the course of the year. I've pretty much stuck to the format I established last year: each list lays out a sequence of music for a time of day. This lays out a nice framework and makes it easier to bring form to it all. These things are never chronological or ordered good to best–the order each song is arranged in is carefully considered to create a smooth overarching narrative and I hope that comes through.  

I added a fourth 'Latenightside' this year since I wanted to have a separate sequence for the scene when four-on-the-floor becomes lay-on-the-floor (a time of early morning I don't see too much these days but have a fond affection for.) Here's hoping you see those sweet hours.

It really has been a incredible year for music and if you don't feel that already I hope this collection of 120-some-odd songs manages to convince you. Enjoy!