Heavy Rotation Report: Part 1

These are the records I've been playing the most in the first quarter of the year. This is the first batch, another will follow. I've included a track sample from Soundcloud along with an embed of the whole record on Rdio, if you use that fine service. 

Rain Dog - "Two Words" 
I've been hitting this record pretty hard since it's release in January. Warm, sugary and a bit melancholic. At moments reminds me a bit of an Alpha record from way back. This is very seductive stuff. Buy it direct here.

The Range  - "Nonfiction"
This one came out late last year and I've found it slowly turning into that record that I throw on when I just can't decide what to select from the endless stacks of goodness in front of me. Great for walking through the city or sitting down and getting it done. All the details for purchase are here.

The Notwist - "Close to the Glass"
Another solid record from Notwist, on Sub Pop. They intersect a few good things for me - they make me think of Tarwater, which is nice, and Martin Gretschman, who is part of this project also has a project called Acid Pauli that I follow avidly. Grab their record here and keep an eye out for their tour hitting your city in the coming months. Kong should bring you on board.

Francis Harris - "Minutes of Sleep"
The word that keeps coming up when I talk about this record is deep. It's a slow burner that offers more and more with repeated listens. It's best served up after dark and the combination of electronic and acoustic instrumentation is very, very satisfying–as is the balance of darkness and warmth. Give it some of your time. You can buy the vinyl here or download from Beatport.

Linnea Olsson - "Ah!"
An excellent record from Sweden's Linnea Olsson. She is a perfect example of the good things that can come from getting out and seeing shows. I was introduced to her when I saw an Ane Brun show here in Vancouver last month and was immediately won over. She has her songs tagged as "fantasy cello pop" which actually does an efficient job of wrapping up what she does–it's all so charming. Check her site here.

Second batch of records coming shortly....