June 6th Update: Prints Now Available

Long time, no update.


A couple of years ago I came to a realization about myself. I’m kind of a hoarder. Not in the typical manner that’s documented on reality TV—my home isn’t stacked to the ceiling with old newspapers or rare cookie jars. I’m a hoarder of my own work. Most of my work ends up in boxes or hard-drives and I don't really see a good deal of it after making it. A while back I made a decision to change that. I've turned my attention to getting things out into peoples hands, my own included. It's a marvel that we can flip through images on all these beautiful big bright screens but there is something really satisfying about holding the paper between our fingers and looking; or having a relationship with images by living with them in the physical spaces we occupy.


Late last year I finished winding a bunch of loose ends into a book of photographs called Where I’m From. At the same time I launched a new website. When that was complete, the plan was to immediately follow it up by offering some print editions. That was six months ago and, as with almost everything I jump into, getting here took much longer than I figured. Winter happened, spring happened and details happened. After considering countless options and approaches I'm pleased to say that I've finally sorted out most of the bits and pieces and am ready to offer the first few editions of prints.

Along the way one of thing I decided was that I didn't want to completely outsource the handling of these prints–I'm doing relatively small editions because I love the idea of producing something unique and precious and is connected to me beyond just the creation of the image itself. I feel like the process of having each print produced to order, stamping, signing and shipping myself satisfies that connection and I hope you will too. You can see my first selections and read about the details here. I'll be releasing more over the coming months so I'll keep you posted.


I've been really pleased with the response to the book I released last December. Thanks to everyone who has purchased it and a huge thanks for all the kind words I've received–it means a lot to me. 

The nature of Where I'm From was to bring together a body of images from the past and sort of close the chapter in a way; it felt good to set it free. In contrast, I'm currently sequencing a small zine project that is comprised of much more recent images and, as a result, doesn't feel quite so weighty. It's been a pleasure and it feels like it will be complete sometime this summer, likely released as a small edition. More details to come.


Back in April I started doing these posts for a little project called Forty Over Seventy. The simple idea had been kicking around for about a year: do a short profile every week or so on a creative that is still alive, active and working in their seventies or beyond. I hope to be in it for the long game so I figure I best start studying these amazing people who are blazing trail on half century+ career paths now. You can keep up with these posts either directly on my blog, All Together Now, or through my Facebook page.

That's it for now--thanks so much for your time. I look forward to sharing more news with you sooner than later.