40/70 #02: Channa Horwitz


Channa Horwitz, Age 79. Photo: Theron Humphrey

"I experience freedom through the restrictions and structure that I impose upon my work. In truth, limitation and structure only appear to be the opposite of freedom."

-Channa Horwitz

Name: Channa Horwitz
Date of Birth: May 21, 1932 (Died April 29, 2013)
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, United States
Occupation: Artist
Age at Death: 80
What was so great about Channa Horwitz?: In the late sixties Horwitz developed a notation system for graphing rhythms in time called Sonakinatography. This system became the underlying structure for her fascinating explorations over the following forty or so years. Although Horwitz was mostly ignored by the art world for the majority of her career (things slowly began to change in the final decade of her life) she chose to see this isolation as providing her the freedom to continue on her unique path–which she did with clarity and purpose until her death a year ago at 80.  In the coming years I truly hope we see Channa Horwitz get the full retrospective and monograph she deserved in her lifetime.