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Laurie Anderson: Stay Loose

Excellent advice from one of my favourite artists: Stay loose and be conscious of what you call yourself. There's been a debate that seems to have been lively over the last few years about how artists refer to themselves (I've certainly been aware of it in photography circles.) I've stuck to referring to myself (broadly) as an artist rather than identifying closely with a particular medium I may be working with at the moment. I've been working regularly with photography for a good long stretch now but I always keep in mind that there have been long stretches when I haven't made a single photograph because I was working exclusively with video and sound work, for instance. Because of this I recognize the likelihood that the day may well come when the photograph isn't the best form of expression for me. By referring to myself as an artist I reserve the right to work with other media or materials when I feel moved to do so (without having to escape the box I put myself into) and to me, that's a critical freedom to have. Laurie lays out this whole strategy best though–well worth a listen.