Sound Filtration System : 030110

It’s been nearly impossible to get anything done in Vancouver these last couple of weeks but somehow I’ve managed to listen to heaps of music — much coming in the form of really fine mixes.

First up a Fact mix courtesy of Lone. Grab it here and grab it fast - I’ve sat on this one and, as is always the case with Fact, there is an expiry date-this will be posted for about another week I think. This is a tight 45 minute mix that explodes in a haze of pixie dust and lube. I’m not one for spoilers but, obviously the question you are asking is, “yeah, but does Prince show up?” Yes, Prince shows up.

Musique Large presents volume 24 in their La Mixette series; Synthesize Me by BiteSize Beats out of Nottingham. Lovely stuff this Grab it here

Possibly the best for last: Fulgeances’ mix for Cosmopolyphonic Radio. Man, I love this dude. This is the soundtrack to some heavy movie I have to see. The scenario: In the first act Fulgeance drops you off in a chopper piloted by John Carpenter and Giorgio Moroder [warning: they’re replicants] what follows in the next 50 minutes is a slow steady heavy burn of a mix punctuated with chase scenes through synth-soaked streets, fire-fights and even romance. Not to be missed. Grab it. Bonus: if you like that may I also suggest this Fulgeance mix courtesy of allez-allez