Format: Softcover/Zine
Size: 7" x 8.5" 
Pages: 24
Photographs: 18
Type of printing: Digital (Indigo) 
Binding: Saddle stitched
Publication Date: April, 2017

Strait Goods (2011-2015) is a collection of images made while crossing the Strait of Georgia by ferry from the mainland to Vancouver Island on Canada’s West Coast. If the photographs are portraits, they are oblique portraits. Viewed from above, the subjects do not reveal themselves through their eyes but, instead, through their physical forms, gestures, clothing, and the personal belongings that surround them. Passengers sun, smoke, and sleep through the seasons while the set remains essentially the same: an industrial grey ship deck, an ashtray, a garbage bin, and a line of lifejacket trunks turned furniture. 

Strait Goods showed at The Gam Gallery during Vancouver's Capture Photography Festival in 2016 and was published as a zine in 2017.